WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Bidi™ Vapor Limits Daily Orders of Bidi Sticks

Safety measures, online and offline, ensure moderate use, and prohibit sales of vapor products to persons under 21 years old. Persons under 21 years old should never use nicotine in any form, considering the dangers and health risks. Bidi Vapor has been rolling out measures to reverse the trend of underage vape use, developing innovative technologies for its products

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Warnings on Counterfeit Bidi™ Sticks

Counterfeit Bidi Sticks may pose health hazards, encourage underage access, and have detrimental effects on the environment. Learn the difference between a genuine Bidi Stick and a fake one! Bidi™ Vapor considers it important to guard its consumers against the potential hazards that come from counterfeit vaping devices.

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Check Out the New Flavor Names for the Bidi™ Stick

Youth access to products with nicotine has long been a challenge of the government. Nicotine, an addictive substance, adversely affects parts of a teenager’s brain that is still developing. This includes the part that governs learning, attention, mood, and impulse control. Bidi Vapor understands the potential risks of the substance on teenagers and has, thus, taken measures

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How to Detect Fraudulent Sites Selling Fake Bidi Sticks

Do you know how to determine if an online retailer is authorized to sell the real Bidi Stick? When you buy from authorized retailers, you are assured that you are getting the authentic product. When it comes to the Bidi Stick, there are only two authorized online retailers:   www.bidivapor.com and www.goPuff.com.

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