WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


April 7, 2020

Bidi™ Stick: The Eco-Friendly Vape Pen

May 4, 2020

4 Ways to Go Green with Your Vaping and Vape Pens

From purchasing eco-friendly vape pens to finding ways to recycle the battery, there are many ways to be an eco-warrior vapor. The positive environmental impact of vaping should not end at buying a sustainable vape device. You can also do other things to be more kind to the planet. Here are some ways to go eco-friendly with your vaping: [...]
May 18, 2020

What to Consider When Buying a Vape Pen

As the vaping community continues to rise, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has skyrocketed as well. There has been a steady decrease in the number of cigarette smokers across the globe, thanks to these vaping devices. If you are not familiar with the twists and turns of vaping, it can be a bit overwhelming.
May 24, 2020

Top Signs You’re Buying
a Fake Bidi™ Stick

There are fake Bidi™ Sticks in the market. These counterfeit Bidi™ Sticks can stop working suddenly, produce dangerous chemicals, and can harm you. Here are the top signs you purchased a fake one and how to make sure you’re buying the authentic Bidi™Stick. The global counterfeit market is booming. We […]
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