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Learn how to recycle disposable vapes and explore the environmental impact of e-waste.

The industry introduced electronic cigarettes as alternatives to reduce tobacco cigarette use. Unfortunately, vaping has proven to have many adverse health risks.

When disposed of, combustible cigarettes produce harmful ash residue. Unlike combustible cigarettes, electronic vape products do not turn to ash. 

On a surface level, e-cigs may not pose risks to the environment. But, that is not likely the case. Vapes contain plastic and chemical waste, which can pose an environmental threat.

CDCP reported over 17 million units sold in retail stores every 4-weeks in 2020. Based on this assessment, there are hundreds of millions of e-waste every year.

Disposable vapes are becoming more popular these days. But you might wonder how to dispose of vape batteries? How to dispose of nicotine liquid? Is there a proper vape cartridge disposal?

It is easier to practice proper vape disposal when you know its environmental impact. Read on if your goal is to lessen e-waste and learn how to recycle disposable vapes. This article presents a helpful guide on proper vape disposal. 

What is the importance of recycling your disposable vape?

Proper recycling practices, in general, is helpful to the environment. So, when it comes to vape products, proper disposal does the same. 

Vape products contain chemicals and plastic components. Without appropriate e-waste disposal, it can turn into an environmental problem. 

Moreover, learning how to recycle disposable vapes cost less than buying a new one. Recycling only requires a few parts for you to buy. 

How do I get rid of my old vape?

First, you need to segregate. 

Most of the parts of the e-cigarette are recyclable. Recycling companies cannot process e-cigarettes as a whole. Separating e-cig components is part of the process.

Depending on the type of vape you purchased, you may be able to recycle the entire pen or parts of it. Checking the label can help you identify the recyclable pieces of the vape device.

Suppose we were to take the following components of a BIDI® stick as an example:


BIDI® Stick is a one-use disposable vape pen that doesn’t need you to reuse it. A recycling facility will retrieve parts of it and recycle them.

If you know your vape’s recyclability, you will know what to do with it.

How to Dispose Vape Batteries?

Mixing vape products with other waste materials are hazardous. Its chemicals can destroy the protective layer around landfills. It would be best if you discarded used vapes at designated waste bins for electronics.

If electronic parts are not disposed of properly, they can threaten human health. It is even possible for lithium batteries to cause fires or explosions.

Vape Cartridge Disposal

Improper vape cartridge disposal can be harmful because they contain liquid nicotine. You can recycle your vape cartridges by trading. 

You may have the option to collect a couple of your used vape cartridges to trade in select retailers later on. Some businesses will trade a good deal of your used cartridges for brand new ones. 

U.S. FDA on Proper Ways to Recycle Disposable Vapes and Nicotine Liquid

Practicing proper e-cigarette and e-liquid disposal is necessary. There are appropriate facilities for electronic waste. Do not throw e-waste in the regular trash or by flushing it down a sink. 

Here are some of the best practices compiled from various organizations:


Why Promote Responsible Vaping Disposal?

It would be best if you took responsibility for your electronic wastes, such as vape devices. When you do, it can benefit you and the environment in ways you didn’t imagine.

E-waste recycling can be a good source of raw materials. Electronic cigarettes contain valuable materials as good as the new raw materials. Recycling facilities retrieve the recyclable components and use them to manufacture new devices. 

Show Responsible Vape Recycling Practices

E-cigarette sales have increased over the past few years. With this, various organizations have raised concerns. One is about how to recycle disposable vapes. 

Bidi Vapor focuses on creating ecological products and solutions through continuous technological innovation. BIDI® Cares is an initiative that encourages vape users to recycle their e-waste.

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