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What to Consider When Buying a Vape Pen


As the vaping community continues to rise, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has skyrocketed as well. There has been a steady decrease in the number of cigarette smokers across the globe, thanks to these vaping devices. If you are not familiar with the twists and turns of vaping, it can be a bit overwhelming. Even the words and terminologies associated with the products sound foreign—mods, e-liquid, sub-ohm, coils, tanks. Confusing, right?

The vaping device that has been rising to fame today is the vape pen. Generally, it is a device that turns a concentrated liquid into a vapor. It is a fully capable vapor product that comes in an ergonomic shape of a pen. If you are into vaping, you may have come across a plethora of vaping pens. There are many of them which make buying more complicated than it already is. But if you know what to look for in a vape pen, expect a hassle-free shopping experience.

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Vape Pen

Now that you know what vape pens are, here comes the mother of it all: how to choose the best vape pen? If you are new in the vaping world, here are five things to consider before buying any vape pen: 

  1. Battery Life. When purchasing a vape pen, think about your vaping habits. Who wants to carry a dead vape pen, right? If you vape often, opt for vape pens with good battery life. Vape batteries come in a different style—button or buttonless, rectangular or cylindrical, large or small. The battery cells with old technology do not last long. Look for a pen with lithium-ion batteries as it lasts longer.
  2. Budget. Settle with a budget before going on a shopping spree. The less you are willing to spend, the more limited options you will have. Cheap, low-quality vape pens can burn the concentrate, heat up slowly, and break down quickly. If you want a premium and durable vape pen, you should be willing to spend $15 and above.
  3. Authenticity. With several brands in the market, counterfeits will always be in the equation. There are vaping pens that seem legitimate but turns out disappointing once you buy it. So before purchasing a vape pen, common sense should be your defense. Look for the red flags and be keen not to fall into the tricks of scammers.
  4. Aesthetic Design and Functionality. You can find both simple and complex vape pens in the market today. Many brands add distinct features to the vape pen products to distinguish themselves from other brands. For the basic ones, you only need to put the e-liquid into the pen, close the pen, and start vaping by pressing a button. Meanwhile, the complex vape pens come with temperature control and other functions. You need to get used to the pen and understand how it works. Prepare for what you buy.
  5. Portability. If you plan on vaping outside, invest in a portable vape. But if you like to smoke in the comfort of your home, go for the desktop ones. These desktop units are costlier compared to the portable ones. For the new vapers, portable units are more appropriate due to the affordability. You can also take it anywhere you go—at home or while out with your friends.


Get Ready to Take the Plunge with the Right Stick!

When it comes to buying vape pens, the array of options can seem confusing, over-the-top, and unnecessary. However, there is no time for a disappointing vaping experience. Now that you know what to consider when choosing the right piece, you are ready to make a purchase. If you are wondering where to find affordable yet quality vape pens, have no fear; BIDI® Stick is here.

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