WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Warnings on Counterfeit Bidi™ Sticks

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July 31, 2020
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Counterfeit Bidi Sticks may pose health hazards, encourage underage access, and have detrimental effects on the environment. Learn the difference between a genuine Bidi Stick and a fake one!

Bidi™ Vapor considers it important to guard its consumers against the potential hazards that come from counterfeit vaping devices. At the same time, the brand also believes that it is just as important to prohibit minors from vaping. With the prevalence of fake Bidi Sticks, the company warns its customers to be wary of fake devices because of the danger their potential brings.

Fake Bidi Sticks: The Risks

Fake Bidi Sticks are cheaper compared to the real deal. Instead of the $15.95 suggested retail price, unauthorized sellers are making them available for a lesser cost. But what are the dangers of buying them?

The use of inferior chemicals used in the e-liquid of a fake Bidi Stick raises the risk of it being toxic. Since it doesn’t use medical-grade and premium nicotine, it produces a weaker nicotine strength. Most importantly, the flavors may be inconsistent. 

Because illegal and unauthorized retailers do not comply with strict regulations like verifying a customer’s age, these fake items can easily be accessible to persons below 21 years old. The counterfeit industry only contributes to the ongoing issue of underage vaping. 

Moreover, illegal manufacturers also use substandard materials that do not deliver a fully satisfying experience. Since it’s made of low-quality raw materials, the device may also be prone to malfunction. The batteries may overheat during usage, which can potentially cause accidents and physical injuries. 

Signs of A Fake Bidi Stick

It may not be noticeable at first sight, but there are differences when it comes to real Bidi Vapor products and fake ones. If you experience one or most of these things, then you have should report it immediately.

  1. Different plastic packaging. There is no perforated line on the plastic packing of the Bidi Stick.
  2. Inconsistent sticker placement. The location of the anti-fake sticker is not placed consistently on the top right part of the packaging. Some stickers are even placed within the casing of the Bidi Stick. 
  3. No Bidi logo. When you peel the sticker off, the Bidi logo doesn’t stick to the packaging.
  4. Imbalanced bevel design. The mouthpiece’s bevel design is not perfectly balanced, so it looks out of proportion.
  5. Short battery life. It only takes a couple of drags to drain the battery of the fake Bidi Stick. Or the battery light indicator may also blink even if the product is newly purchased. 
  6. Weak nicotine level. Despite what the packaging claims, each drag from a fake Bidi Stick does not deliver the same nicotine strength that a real Bidi Stick does.
  7. Inconsistent flavors. Each drag tastes different since fake Bidi Sticks do not employ the same product engineering and chemicals that a real one does. 
  8. Device overheating. Since the battery is made of low-quality materials, the device tends to overheat during usage. 
  9. Hard to vape. As the mouthpiece is not manufactured with the user in mind, it’s difficult to take a drag from a fake Bidi Stick. 

Bidi Vapor and the Anti-Catfish Campaign

To counter the deluge of fake Bidi Sticks in the market, Bidi Vapor launched an initiative to help consumers verify the authenticity of their purchase. It redesigned its packaging to have extra security measures as part of its Anti-Catfish Campaign. 

There are three tests that can be done—a water test, a pen-smear test, and the unique-code authenticator.

Water test. It can be done by dropping a small amount of water on the blue part of the authenticity sticker. The customer can wipe it off after a few seconds. The Bidi logo should disappear while it’s wet. But as it dries up, the Bidi logo should reappear on the sticker, if it’s a real Bidi Stick.

Pen-smear test. Use a pen to smear ink on the authenticity sticker. Smudge the ink and see if the color of the logo changes into the same color as the pen’s ink. If they do not turn the same color,  you have a fake product.

Unique code authenticator. Customers can follow these steps:

  1. Peel the anti-fake sticker from the packaging
  2. Scan the QR code through a phone camera
  3. Copy the unique number code
  4. Visit the Bidi Vapor website
  5. Key in the unique number in the authentication field
  6. Click the AUTHENTICATE button
  7. Check the pop-up message for Bidi Stick authenticity confirmation

With three ways to authenticate any Bidi Stick purchase, illegal manufacturers and unauthorized retailers should think twice about making counterfeit products. Bidi Vapor further hopes that these measures will help ensure that customers are getting the real Bidi Stick

For more details on how to spot a fake Bidi Stick, visit our website www.bidivapor.com/authenticate

Report counterfeit products immediately! You can send an email to support@bidivapor.com along with photos of the product and the name of the store where you bought it. You can also call through the hotline number at 1-833-367-2434.

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