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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


The Dangers of Buying a Fake BIDI® Stick on Social Media

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash 

Unauthorized retailers are using social media to trick consumers into buying fake BIDI® Sticks. Learn how to tell fake BIDI® Sticks from real Bidi Vapor products on social media!

The power of social media as a tool to advertise and market products is undeniable. Quality products and brands find success through these platforms every day, but what’s also true is that illicit trade and the sale of fake goods is also taking place. Social media has become a playground for unauthorized retailers.

The online sale of quality merchandise is easy and convenient for shoppers, but it is also vulnerable to illegal and counterfeit products due to the lack of strict regulations. In the blink of an eye, illegal, online retailers can just disappear and delete their sites, avoiding prosecution and penalties. 

Vapor products are often susceptible to knock offs. Wholesalers and direct retailers sometimes give in when it comes to high-demand products, often resorting to the sale of counterfeit products to earn more profit.

Typically, authorized brands and reputable businesses follow ethical standards when selling their products and services online. They have guarantees and implement safety measures.

The danger lies in dubious online sites, which are run by unscrupulous individuals who want to earn more money through fake items. There are risks in buying fake vapor products, and reputable companies like Bidi Vapor are trying their best to protect their customers. 

Fighting the Rising Plague of Counterfeit BIDI® Sticks

Bidi Vapor, the manufacturer of BIDI® Stick, wants to know that only one online retailer is authorized to sell the BIDI® Stick over the internet. The online retailer is www.gopuff.com. If you try to purchase your BIDI® Sticks online from sources other than these two authorized retailers, you are likely to buy fake ones. Buying fake BIDI® Sticks means you don’t get the high-quality device you paid for and you deprive yourself of the unique and genuine experience. 

Unauthorized retailers are especially dangerous for underaged users. These retailers do not adhere to regulations restricting access to young people and could be potentially harmful because many knock-offs use substandard materials. 

Fake BIDI® Sticks may even explode during usage because of the low-quality batteries that overheat quickly. Meanwhile, the low-grade e-liquids used in many fake BIDI® Sticks may lead to harmful effects due to unstable, low-quality nicotine oil and other chemicals.

More importantly, buy only from authorized retailers to ensure you are getting the authentic BIDI® Stick. You can check authentic BIDI® Stick for images and information about fake BIDI® Sticks. 

If you have purchased a fake BIDI® Stick or know of unauthorized retailers on social media, Bidi Vapor urges you to report it immediately.  

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