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How to Know If You’re Buying a Counterfeit BIDI® Stick

Don’t get catfished! Read the telltale signs of a fake BIDI® Stick and be informed about your purchase.

Fake products are prevalent today. There is almost no popular product or brand that hasn’t been imitated or copied. Most people know this fact yet continue to purchase fake goods from illegal retailers because they are cheap and accessible. Although they closely resemble the authentic product, the materials used to develop counterfeits are substandard.

That is also happening to the BIDI® Stick now.  

Several unauthorized sellers of BIDI® Sticks are now lurking in the market. In terms of quality, these counterfeits can never hold a candle to the genuine ones. Illegal manufacturers are only after the quick profit and quick turnarounds. So, putting effort into making their products safe and of high quality is nowhere in their vocabulary. They couldn’t even care less about the consumer’s safety. 

Due to the rising number of counterfeit BIDI® Sticks today, Bidi® Vapor has taken the necessary steps to combat this problem. The company has released warning advisories and videos to inform consumers on how to spot fake BIDI® Sticks to avoid being on the losing end. There are a few telltale signs on how to set a fake from the original.

Spot the Fakes through These Signs!

Due to the surge of fake BIDI® Sticks in the market, Bidi® Vapor has placed anti-fake measures to set them apart from the fakes. Knowing these details is a sure-fire way of helping you identify a fake BIDI® Stick.


Spotting fake products from their packaging alone could be as simple as typographical errors on the packaging or the quality of the print itself. Paying close attention to the packaging can give BIDI® Stick users clues about the product’s authenticity. 


The best way to counter fake BIDI® Sticks is to buy from reputable and authorized sellers only. If you have doubts about the vendor, chances are your gut feeling is right. Today, there is only one authorized reseller of BIDI® Sticks — www.goPuff.com.


If you have purchased your BIDI® Stick for less than $15.95, it may be fake. The low price might be enticing. Asking probing questions from the vendor will help you size up whether the goods are real or the vendor is only pulling your leg. 

BIDI® Experience

Since counterfeiters used sub-standard materials in developing fake BIDI® Sticks, what do you expect? More often than not, the experience is far from what you expect. 


For more detailed information about fake BIDI® Sticks, you can check https://bidiconsumestg.wpenginepowered.com/authenticate-new-packaging/.

The Real Takeaway: Is Buying Fake BIDI® Sticks Worth It?

Anyone can fall victim to fake BIDI® Sticks, knowingly or unconsciously. Although Bidi® Vapor has advised the public of the existence and dangers of purchasing counterfeit products, it is ultimately in the hands of the consumers to foil this illegal trade. Without demand, manufacturers would have no interest in selling fake products. 

Should you buy a fake BIDI® Stick? The simple answer is NO. Aside from the disappointing experience, purchasing counterfeits put your health and safety at risk. Being aware, informed, and alert are safeguards that you can take against being a victim of fake BIDI® Sticks. 

If you have purchased a counterfeit BIDI® Stick, report the products to us immediately. You can send an email at support@bidivapor.com, or call 1-833-367-2434. Please attach a photo of the fake product and the store name where you have purchased it.

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