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How Bidi Vapor Continues to Rise Above Challenges

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The story behind how Raj Patel conceptualized the BIDI® Stick, and how he envisions it to be the first among peers, overcome obstacles, endure challenges, and stand the test of time.

When Raj Patel, founder and CEO of Bidi Vapor, visualized his brainchild, he knew it would not be an ordinary brand. After all, he wanted the BIDI® Stick, a premium disposable vape device, to be nothing less of a game-changer that would compete against industry titans. 

Armed with his 6-Sigma Black Belt certification, a degree in Pharmacy and another degree in Chemistry, and vast business expertise especially since he grew up in a family who ran a business in the tobacco industry, he had a solid game plan that would propel the product to new heights.  

Many elements come into play in creating and launching a brand. Like any other industry, Bidi Vapor was aware that to succeed, he had to overcome challenges. Intimidating as it may seem, Raj Patel had his goals set and his strategies in place.  

So how does Bidi Vapor do it?  

PMTA: Challenge Acceptedon Quality

The Premarket Tobacco Product Application or PMTA  required by the U.S. FDA for vaping companies is perhaps the most daunting challenge for many vape brands. In fact, when this rigorous application process was first discussed, the future of the vaping industry was taken into consideration. With its rigorous marketing and manufacturing requirements, the PMTA left vape brands with no choice but to prepare and shell out funds to accommodate changes in their current products.

Last September 8, 2020, Bidi Vapor has submitted a comprehensive and science-based Premarket Tobacco Product Applications to the U.S. FDA for all our 11 BIDI® Stick products. All of Bidi Vapor’s applications have been accepted and filed, and have now entered the final scientific review stage. Bidi Vapor is currently undergoing several clinical studies to support its PMTAs, and is working closely with the FDA through this process.

Getting a PMTA approval meant brand survival. Through months of hard work, perseverance, dedication, and sacrifice, the people behind the brand have confidently submitted a comprehensive PMTA application. After all, the BIDI® Stick is willing to continuously evolve and remodel itself to be a government-compliant product.

No Compromise on Quality

Vape accidents can happen. Exploding batteries can cause injuries, and even improperly disposed of vape devices can cause garbage truck fires. These are among the biggest risks in the vape business. 

However, there are mitigating measures to lessen, if not eradicate, the risks and hazards. This is why Bidi Vapor made sure that its product is premium by having its product and components, especially the battery, undergo certification processes. Bidi Vapor boasts of its ISO 9001, ROHS, FCC, CE, and UL certifications which guarantee the safety and quality of the BIDI® Stick. This way, adult consumers are assured of a premium and unique vaping experience.

Advocate Against Underage Vaping

Unlike adult users, adolescents are more vulnerable to the health risks of vaping which contain nicotine, an addictive chemical. Nicotine could damage the brain function and nervous system of teenagers.

Thus, vape products should be kept out of reach of the youth especially individuals under 21 years old. Apart from adhering to the strict federal laws governing tobacco and vape products, Bidi Vapor took the extra mile by initiating measures, including top-of-the-line technologies, to prevent underage access to its vape products.

BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Measures

Aside from using age-gating software on their website, signature-upon-delivery processes, and confirmatory calls by customer support, Bidi Vapor also involved its retail partners in its advocacy against youth access to the product. Retail partners are made to understand, sign and commit to a Retailer Pledge that prohibits the selling of the BIDI® Stick to individuals under 21 years old. To ensure that its partners comply with the Pledge, mystery shoppers are sent to their stores to check. Violation of the Pledge means the cancellation of their distribution rights to sell the product. 

Encourages Proper Vape Disposal

Not only is Bidi Vapor advocating for youth access prevention, but it also advocates for the caring of the environment. It encourages the proper disposal of electronic waste by establishing the BIDI® Cares program. Through our recycling program, our adult consumers can participate in practicing proper electronic waste disposal by sending in at least 10 used BIDI® Sticks.

Nearly 70% of Americans and Canadians gravitate towards brands that are eco-friendly or are implementing sustainable practices. Environment protection and preservation is a global concern and improper vape disposal contributes to the degradation of the environment. 

Never Settles for Average

Despite being rooted in the U.S., Bidi Vapor plans to become a global player and eventually a global leader in the industry. Currently, it has expanded in the United Kingdom and is preparing all the necessary requirements to operate and distribute the BIDI® Stick in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.  

Bidi Vapor also plans to create more BIDI® products after the BIDI® Stick’s success. More products will be rolled out soon. 

A Brand with a Heart and Soul

In a competitive industry, it takes steadfast resolve, commitment, focus, perseverance, guts, boldness, and most importantly, a heart to maneuver a brand where it wants to be. These intrinsic qualities can be harnessed only if there is a sincere desire to serve nothing but the best and put the customer’s needs at the forefront.  

And that is the ultimate secret of Bidi Vapor.

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