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Get Ready For The All-New Bidi Vapor Website

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May 27, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Bidi Vapor is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website on Tuesday, May 19. The new user-friendly website will be easier and faster to navigate and will have exciting features that include BIDI’s environmental advocacy.

The new site will also help inform vape users how to determine if a BIDI® Stick is authentic to protect its customers from fake ones that raise health risks. To ensure that only site visitors aged 21 and above can access the site, safeguards have been set up to prevent minors from getting through.

The brand endeavors to provide its partners and clients with the most accurate, up-to-date information and demonstrate that it is compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations.

The revamped features new enhancements that help you navigate content and functionalities:

  • BIDI® Authenticator – This feature shows how to spot an authentic BIDI® Stick from the fake one. BIDI® Stick’s packaging comes with an anti-fake sticker as Bidi Vapor takes customer safety and BIDI® experience seriously. Here are the steps to determine if a BIDI® Stick is genuine:
    1. Find the anti-fake sticker on your BIDI® Stick packaging
    2. Peel it to see the QR code
    3. Scan the QR code to get the unique number authentication code
    4. Visit www.bidivapor.com/authenticate-your-bidi/ and click the AUTHENTICATE button
    5. Wait for a prompt and follow the steps to confirm your BIDI® Stick authentication.
  • Live Chat Customer Support – The revamped Bidi Vapor website now includes a customer service live chat feature for a more convenient and improved shopping experience.
  • Retailer Pledge – This is an enhanced feature from the previous site for retailers and wholesalers. It indicates the terms for authorized and official retailers and wholesalers in purchasing and reselling the BIDI® Stick. The Retailer Pledge Terms are clearly stated on the page ensuring the resellers and wholesalers’ commitment to comply with government regulations. Retailers and wholesalers are required to follow the strict age verification process and that the BIDI® Stick should be sold only to persons 21 years old and above. Also, as part of Bidi Vapor’s strict monitoring of the age verification process, a Mystery Shopper program was adopted. Mystery shoppers are sent in random schedules and areas to test whether retailers and wholesalers comply with the stringent measures set up by Bidi Vapor to prevent the sale of the BIDI® Stick to persons below 21 years old. Breach of this pledge will mean the cancellation of distribution rights.
  • The BIDI® Experience Page – This page presents a collection of videos that educates a BIDI® Stick user of the look and feel of an authentic BIDI® Stick. It also shows how Bidi Vapor exerts efforts to be the leader of innovation and a game-changer in developing eco-friendly vape products. As BIDI® Stick prides itself on the unique BIDI® Experience with its advanced engineering, Bidi Vapor reaches out to its customers asking them to share how an authentic BIDI® Stick changed their vaping experience.
  • BIDI® Cares Page – A game-changer in this field, Bidi Vapor took the initiative to launch a recycling program—the BIDI® Cares: Save Your BIDI, Save Our Planet. It is a recycling platform that promotes eco-conscious practices across the vaping industry and educates adult vapers to properly dispose of their e-cigarettes through recycling. Beyond the experience of quality vaping, the BIDI® Cares program encourages consumers to participate in their eco-friendly initiative. By returning ten (10) used BIDI® Sticks, Bidi Vapor will give a free one in the customer’s next purchase. It is vital to note that the 30-stick per month limitation is still in effect to ensure that the sale goes to an adult smoker rather than for wholesale.
  • Signature Upon Delivery – The USPS Priority Mail – Adult Signature 21 Years or Older Required is stated at the bottom part of the site in Bidi Vapor’s efforts and stringent measures to confirm the buyer’s identity, so the product does not fall in the hands of minors.
  • News Room – This section highlights industry news and developments, announcements, and compliance updates of Bidi Vapor. Make sure you bookmark it to quickly access Bidi Vapor’s latest posts, press articles and stay in the know.

Bidi Vapor aims to inform its visitors about its relentless and sincere efforts to comply with the Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) guidelines set by the FDA through digital toll gates and protection to guarantee the restriction of the sale of the e-cigarette to minors.

The new site features the Our Company page which tells about the brand’s Mission and Values, the brand’s responsibilities to its consumers, and the environment as it takes a stand against underage vaping. The company commits to continually update its content with helpful information, cutting edge products in the Shop section, company announcements, and client successes and testimonials in the Blog and Newsroom sections.

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