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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bidi Vapor Stands Against Selling of Vape Products to Minors

Bidi Vapor Launches BIDI® Cares, the First-Ever Eco-Friendly Vape Program
May 18, 2020

The increased popularity of vaping has invited a troublesome group of customers: curious teenagers. According to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, 86.4% of the companies in the industry sell products to underage youth online. As a responsible manufacturer of vapor products, BIDI Vapor is committed to eliminating the sale to minors.

Bidi Vapor, the maker of the innovative, eco-conscious BIDI Stick, has implemented market-trending age verification systems to fight the sale of vape products to underage customers. Despite current age verification regulations, over 90% of vendors have not verified the ages of teenagers purchasing vape products online.

Bidi Vapor accepts and acknowledges responsibility in preventing youth access to vape products. Our company is deeply committed to adhering to all regulations to prevent anyone that is underage from acquiring a BIDI® Stick,” states Niraj Patel, the CEO of Bidi Vapor. In line with this, BIDI® Stick is actively involved in the prohibition of sales to minors by implementing digital toll gates to avoid product sales on the BIDI® Stick website to anyone under the required legal age.

  • Monthly Order Limit: Bidi Vapor placed a maximum purchase limit of 30 BIDI® Sticks per month, and four BIDI® Sticks per day per customer account. The quantity order limit helps regulate sales for personal use rather than for illegal resale.
  • Age Verification Process: Bidi Vapor has partnered with an industry-leading company that provides age verification services. A comprehensive and mandatory public search is done to confirm customer prior to transaction completion. If the verification system fails to verify the identity of the purchaser, additional government-issued identification documents must be submitted. The purchase is put on hold until a BIDI® Stick customer service representative manually confirms the authenticity of the identification documents.
  • Adult Signature Upon Delivery: As an added preventive measure, BIDI Vapor also requires an adult signature upon delivery of a BIDI® Stick to confirm the buyer’s identity and age to help ensure products are not received by minors.

Bidi Vapor has established these extra measures to put a stop on underage vaping sales. Bidi Vapor also does not explicitly target youth in marketing or labeling of their products. It does not engage non-smokers or underage youth with any vape products.

Bidi Vapor is dedicated to promoting responsible manufacturing and marketing. It is also cautious in the distribution of vape products to prevent underage access and believes that every vaping company should follow suit.

At Bidi Vapor, the BIDI® Stick is the result of its genuine desire to give adult vape users a premium vaping experience. For more information visit www.bidivapor.com.

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