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Bidi™ Vapor: Leading the Vaping Industry Through Responsible Marketing And Distribution

Bidi™ Vapor Submits Premarket Tobacco Applications to FDA for the Bidi™ Stick
September 8, 2020
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Bidi™ Vapor Augments Age Verification Through Bidi™ Youth Access Prevention Program
September 30, 2020
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In the tobacco industry, no new tobacco product can be marketed in the U.S. without passing the pre-market tobacco application or PMTA. 

September 9, 2020, marked the deadline for submitting PMTA applications for vape or tobacco companies.  The PMTA is a collection of documents passed to and reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration.  

Even before this was a requirement, Bidi™ Vapor has long since made its creed to ensure that its products are safe for their targeted adult audience.  At the same time, it made sure the products are responsibly marketed to avoid attracting the youth. 

This is but one aspect of the company’s commitment to becoming a leader in the vaping industry through responsible distribution and marketing.

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Bidi™ Vapor has always had a strict policy of targeting only adult consumers and doing everything to prevent underage vape use. In 2019, reports of a mystery illness suddenly spiked and were linked to Vitamin E acetate, a component commonly found in THC vape products. 

The CDC later issued an evaluation regarding EVALI that the symptoms it presents are not distinguishable from influenza viruses and could be complications from an already compromised respiratory system. Evidence that initial reports merits further study before any more claims or legislation are made against vapor products.

But the fire was already lit.

This sparked a rush of legislators, government agencies, and concerned citizens to crack down on vape companies – specifically companies that seemed to market their products to the youth. A subsequent almost nationwide ban on flavored cartridges soon followed, which greatly affected the vaping industry. 

In February 2020, the FDA published an enforcement priority for products without premarket tobacco authorization. Outlined in the document are specific guidelines that companies should comply with and penalties if found non-compliant. 

The document mainly focused on the growing concerns with underage tobacco or vape use and how manufacturers and distributors should conduct themselves to ensure that individuals under 21 years old are not enticed into trying or using tobacco products. 

Bidi™ Vapor’s Commitment to Youth Prevention

The Bidi™ Stick was designed and developed for the adult market only. The company has kept a strict policy of maintaining a socially sensitive image when it comes to distributing the Bidi™ Stick. The company believes it has gone above and beyond to help curb the increasing cases of underage vape use. 

Bidi™ Vapor has taken it upon itself to put out initiatives and measures to limit youth access by launching the Bidi™ Youth Access Prevention Program. The program encompasses several solutions the company has adopted to restrict access by children. 

By adopting rigorous measures to restrict youth access, Bidi™  Vapor demonstrates how it values the next generation of youth.

Eco-Friendly Initiative: Bidi™ Cares Program

The Bidi™ Youth Access Prevention Program is one component of the total commitment of Bidi™  Vapor to be a socially responsible vape company. Apart from the youth access prevention program, the environment is also among the company’s top concerns. 

The Bidi™  Cares Program offers Bidi™ Stick users a way to help out and save the environment by recycling their used Bidi™ Sticks. Sending in ten Bidi™  Sticks entitles the customer to a free Bidi™ Stick coupon code as a reward for participating in the environment program.   

Bidi™ Vapor’s PMTA application

In the recently filed document, Bidi™  Vapor outlined all the efforts and strides it has made to ensure that the Bidi™ Stick is not only strictly marketed for adult consumers but is in no way attractive to the youth. All these information are cited within the possibly largest submission compiled across all ENDS manufacturers, which runs over 285,000 pages.

By also doing a total rebrand of the Bidi™  Stick, the product now looks and sounds more adult-centered. It veers away from colors and themes that could be associated with youth culture. 

At Bidi™  Vapor, marketing and distribution strategies go through rigorous development and screening to ensure that only the intended adult market is targeted and reached. With the filing of the PMTA and the changes that the Bidi™ Stick has undergone to be compliant,  Bidi™ Vapor has shown that it has adhered to its core principles that include leading the vape industry through responsible manufacturing, marketing, and distribution practices. 

Bidi™ Vapor and its expert teams are always finding ways to raise the bar to introduce positive changes in the vape industry. This is because Bidi™ Vapor sees youth protection as a privilege, not an obligation.

For more information about our sustainable practices, youth prevention efforts, and responsible marketing, you can visit www.bidivapor.com.

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