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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Bidi Vapor Adds Another Age-Gating Process


BIDI® Stick implements a comprehensive age-verification process to enforce restrictions on underage access to its products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to encourage e-cigarette companies to be actively involved in eliminating the sale of vaping products to minors. For its response, BIDI Vapor stands confident about the policies and processes it has put in place to handle that challenge. 

Committed to the needs of adult users, Bidi Vapor has implemented industry-leading, age-verification policies for its official online store, as well as aggressively educating its wholesalers, direct retailers, and customers about the need to prohibit underage vape-product sales.

Bidi Vapor’s Age-Verification History

Bidi Vapor has been a leader in preventing the sales of its vapor products to minors. When it first started selling disposable vape pens, it maintained a stringent policy requiring customers to present identification before purchase.

Initially, the anonymity of online sales presented a problem for age verification. The company placed digital “toll gates” and implemented a robust, age-verification process to guarantee restriction of product sales to anyone under the required legal age. Over time, Bidi Vapor layered additional processes, even including its “Age Verification Call Upon Purchase” program to further ensure that only customers are of legal age.

How Bidi Vapor’s Age-Verification Process Works

Bidi Vapor ensures a detailed and stringent verification process before any sale or transaction of the BIDI® Stick, partnering with a state-of-the-art third party company, AgeChecker, which verifies a customers’ legal age across multiple databases.

Through a dynamic and secure platform, AgeChecker turns its complex, age-verification processes into a simple and easy checkout experience. 

How does the Bidi Vapor verify the identity and age of customers?

After a customer finishes placing his or her order, the information provided is checked against the AgeChecker system. If AgeChecker cannot confirm the customer’s age based on records in its database, the order is flagged, and an email is sent to the customer requesting proof of age. To proceed with the transaction, the customer must send us a photocopy of a state-issued ID or provide a previous address legally associated with his or her name as proof of residence.

Here are AgeChecker’s notable features:


Strengthening Bidi Vapor’s Age-Verification Process

As an added age-verification gate, one of Bidi Vapor’s customer service representatives will get in touch with the customer within 24 hours to confirm the order to further verify identity and age using the customer’s contact information. Once they verified the purchase, package shipping follows.

Our customer support team aggressively follows up on suspicious orders and will immediately flag the questionable address to prevent minors from purchasing.

Bidi Vapor believes that building a respectable e-cigarette industry means taking a stand against the sale of nicotine products to minors. The U.S. government issued strict regulations prohibiting the online sale of e-cigarettes and vape products to minors, including laws that these products must not appeal to the youth as it battles the 86.4% statistics of underage use of vape products that are bought online. 

Bidi Vapor will continue to strive to promote campaigns and warning advisories against the access of vaping products to minors, all while providing eco-friendly, premium devices to adult users. 

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