Get a unique vaping experience with a stick that kicks!

Over the years, tobacco use and nicotine-infused products have been the subject of severe public health concerns in the United States. Marketing the products in the country has been difficult, especially for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.

The government has taken regulatory action in addition to declaring the legal status and harmful effects of cigarette smoking. Yet despite the uncertainties, regulatory changes, and funding challenges facing businesses in the vaping industry, the e-cigarette market has experienced unprecedented growth in the past years.

With the vast array of decent quality vaping products in the market, it is no wonder why the vaping world has gotten more saturated over the years. The rise of new brands and vaping devices has also increased, especially in the disposable vape pen face.

Disposable vapes are devices that you can use straight out of the box and throw out once the liquid runs out. They consist of two parts: the battery and a cartridge section. All you need to do is inhale from the mouthpiece the same way as you would puff a cigarette. Most people dip their foot in the vaping pool with a vape pen.

Bidi Vapor, a leading innovative vaping company, has taken a huge step in creating and innovating a new generation of premium, budget-friendly, and unique disposable e-cigarette—the BIDI® Stick.

Meet BIDI® Stick: Saving the Earth One Step at a Time

Designed and engineered with adult smokers in mind, BIDI® Stick has embraced its namesake as the next-generation vape pen in the industry. As Bidi Vapor unveiled the BIDI® Stick, here are seven reasons how BIDI® Stick is changing the vaping game.

  • Ultra-compact and ergonomic design
    BIDI® Stick is a lightweight, small, and thin disposable device. With its unique shape, you can take it anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, BIDI® Stick also generates an impressive amount of vapor clouds and no drop-off flavor clarity for such a small device.
  • A simple device equipped with powerful functions
    The BIDI® Stick sports a 280 mAh battery, which is enough power to extract every drop of e-liquid without any complicated setting configuration. You can get the flavor flowing by merely drawing and puffing it straight out of the box.
  • Not intended for underage smokers
    The packaging of the BIDI® Stick displays Bidi Vapor’s stand against underage selling of vapor products. Opening the packaging is a pain in the neck, which is good enough to discourage young smokers from purchasing the product. Moreover, it comes in a professional, silky smooth, and classy finish, which does not appeal to teenage kids.
  • Premium vaping experience
    Despite its small footprint, each BIDI® Stick disposable vape pen comes with a pre-filled 6% (84mg) of Class A Nicotine. It can last for which is about two packs of cigarettes.
  • Eleven varieties of flavor
    Most vapers have one flavor profile they love. BIDI® Stick offers 11 flavor varieties that range from the blend of tropical fruits to menthol.
  • Quality product at an affordable price
    If you are looking for a long-lasting vape pen at an affordable price, the BIDI® Stick should be your buddy. Each stick costs $15.95, with more savings available for wholesale purchases.
  • A recyclable device right at your doorstep
    Bidi Vapor initiated a recycling program to encourage and educate vapers about proper vape product disposal. This way, there would be less production of batteries and less waste. For more information on this recycling, check out

Finding the right vape pen that suits your needs can be challenging. But with a high-quality option put out by a reputable manufacturer like the Bidi Vapor, finding a good disposable vape pen is possible. Recyclable device and convenience-on-the-go, it’s all in the palm of your hands with the BIDI® Stick disposable vape pen.

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