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6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Disposable Vape Pen


Are you new to vaping? This guide will help you find the best vape pen or other vape products in the market.

The use of vape pens has been increasing. In fact, 10.8 million Americans vape or use e-cigarettes. That approximately translates to 1 in 20 adults vaping in the United States, according to a published article from Reuters in 2018.

If you are new to vaping, things can be confusing at the start. Questions like, “How do I make sure that the e-liquid suits my taste?” and “Can I buy a tank and customize it?” may pop on your mind. There are also vape terms that may feel awkward at first, such as loops, clearomizers, and mods. There’s no need to fret over these unfamiliar terms because you can always take one step at a time to learn the basic ins and outs of vaping.

If you are ready to start, here are some things you can take note of before buying anything. 

How It Works

Many first-timers in vaping have one inquiry: how does it work? To vape, you need to buy a vape pen or pod or tank that holds your preferred e-liquid. As you turn it on, the coils in the tank warm up and turn the e-liquid into a vapor. All this happens in a matter of seconds so that you can take a drag immediately.

Other mechanisms rely on your other device preferences. For instance, a customized vape tank has more complicated engineering compared to a conventional one. There are also various options when it comes to your tank, coil type, atomizer, and other components of a vaping device.

E-Cig Components

An e-cig may appear confusing, but it just employs a simple system of changing the e-liquid into vapor. There are various kinds of e-cigs to suit different needs and types of use.

The primary components of an e-cig consist of coil, tank, and battery. Moreover, the atomizer comes in three distinct structures: the clearomizer, glassomizer, and cartomizer. Here are other things that you can keep in mind:


Essential Components of Vape Pens

Vape pens include two main components: battery and an atomizer. Both components are available in various shapes and styles. However, you should invest in a built-in, high-grade battery that makes you puff longer than the conventional products.

Types of Tanks to Use

Just like other vaping device components, vape tanks are available in a wide array. Right now, the most popular tanks are the glass sub-ohm vape tanks, which lasts longer than other types.

Moreover, when vapers refer to RBAs, RTAs, or RDAs, they are often referring to rebuildable tanks. A rebuildable tank atomizer or RBA comes in two different varieties: an RTA, which is a rebuildable tank atomizer, while an RDA means a rebuildable drip atomizer or a dripper tank. Technically, these heating platforms do not have tanks. Instead, they have a deck that houses the coils and cotton.

When to Change the Coil

Coils come in various materials, from stainless steel to ceramic. Regardless of the material, you need to replace your coils as they wear out after some time. Some experienced vapers utilize customizable coils that they can create themselves while others only purchase premade coils.

How do you know when it’s time to change your coil? Well, when the amount of vapor that it produces and the taste changes, then it’s a sign to swap out your existing coil with a new one. Depending on your device, changing the coil can be a straightforward process. You can take out your old coil from the atomizer and place the new material. Some older versions of atomizers/clearomizers place the coils at the top of the device, so it’s easy to replace old wires. But this is becoming rare these days.

Vape Where It Is Legal

While some vape pens do not require setup, it does not mean you can do it everywhere. Areas like planes, restaurants, bars, workspaces, airports, and other places have different policies on vaping. It’s better to know the regulations beforehand.

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