WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Our Mission and Values

The Bidi Vapor DNA

Bidi Vapor’s main purpose has always been to provide adult consumers with a premium vape experience while taking a stand on relevant issues in the industry and society.
With our efforts to remain compliant with regulations, we ensure that we are a brand that
consumers can trust.

Our Vision

Bidi Vapor would like to create and pioneer a rising tide among our partners for corporate responsibility and ethical investing. Working with government agencies through policy-setting, regulations, and public awareness programs, our organization sees a future of improved social cohesion citizens living in a stable, protected environment.

Our Mission

Bidi Vapor’s mission is to provide adult consumers with a premium vaping experience while taking a stand on relevant issues in the industry and society. With our responsible efforts to fulfill our purpose, our goal is to become the leading vape manufacturer in the global vape industry — an exemplary model of responsible practices for other brands to emulate.


Compliance logo


We have a robust compliance process to ensure compliance with all PACT Act, licensing, tax, and regulatory matters. As part of our commitment to responsible compliance efforts, Bidi Vapor follows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines in promoting and manufacturing tobacco and nicotine products.

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Bidi Vapor is dedicated to producing high-quality products to deliver a premium experience to adult consumers. The
BIDI® Stick is manufactured under strict protocols and follows ISO 9001 and CGMP standards for product quality. The
BIDI® Stick has also been awarded a UL 8139 certification for meeting battery safety standards for e-cigarettes.

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We share our responsibilities to our authorized partners through the Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement, which contains all the terms and regulations when purchasing and reselling the BIDI® Stick. Our partners are required to uphold the same high standards and integrity as Bidi Vapor.

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Bidi Vapor has always been focused on protecting the youth from exposure, access, and use of our products. We ensure that our products are clearly labeled as intended for adults ages 21+ and over only. We follow strict FDA guidelines for labeling and marketing of the BIDI® Stick.