WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Welcome to the BIDI® Stick Experience!

What Makes the BIDI® Stick a Game Changer?

Innovative, Sleek, and Sustainable—the BIDI® Stick upholds an impressive repertoire. With every product precisely perfected to deliver premium vapor at all times, comes the challenge of providing quality service and exhibiting values that represent the brand. BIDI® Vapor takes responsibility and aims to foster change in the vaping landscape through advocacies that benefit both the environment and consumers.

Robust Age Verification Efforts

The BIDI® Stick is developed to suit the needs of adult vapers. BIDI® Vapor understands the risks of underage vaping and stands firm in implementing youth prevention initiatives.

How BIDI® Vapor Combats Underage Vaping

  • Multi-level age-verification application on the website
  • Partnership with AgeChecker.Net to verify information across multiple databases
  • Enforced retailer commitment to prohibit vape purchase for the underage
  • Concrete identity confirmation for both online and retail customers
  • Responsible marketing on all social media platforms
  • Requirement of recipient’s signature upon delivery
  • Call within 24 hours to confirm purchase

Eco-Friendly Platform: BIDI® Cares

BIDI® Vapor’s full recycling program is an initiative geared toward practicing responsible vaping among consumers. Through the program, BIDI® Stick users are encouraged to recycle their empty BIDI® Sticks instead of disposing them and contributing to the global waste problem.  Every BIDI® Stick is made from high-quality, recyclable materials. With the help of consumers, BIDI® Vapor can maximize the use of these materials and reduce the product’s overall carbon footprint.