WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Bidi

About Bidi

The Bidi™ Stick: Ingenious, Premium, Forward-Thinking

The Bidi™ Stick is a unique and innovative vaping device intended for adult smokers only. Each device continues to pass industry standards for manufacturing guidelines and quality levels for manufacturing materials.

Its innovative design and portability are ideal for every adult vape pen user in search of a premium vaping experience. Apart from its ingenuity, Bidi™ Stick also stands for a sustainable future through its recycling efforts.

Behind Bidi™ Vapor: Taking on the Industry with Superb Quality

Bidi™ Vapor’s Founder, Niraj Patel, has a strong background in pharmacology and chemistry. This knowledge paved the way in his search for an improved vaping experience.

The Bidi™ Stick’s development started by first ensuring diligent studies, research, and testing to improve its formula. With the help of Niraj Patel’s extensive background, Bidi™ Vapor cracked the code.

The Bidi™ Stick is the embodiment of a carefully calibrated vaping device that suits the modern-day adult vape user. It does not have any burnt taste due to its high-quality materials that underwent certified processes. The improved formula ensures a consistent hit in every drag. 

Premium Experience in Line with Sustainability

It is essential to Niraj Patel to guarantee that Bidi™ Vapor takes on the responsibility of producing high-quality vaping devices. Besides complying with all manufacturing guidelines and industry standards, the president of Bidi™ Vapor ensured that the vape pen components are also recyclable.

With its eco-friendly initiative, Bidi™ Cares, Bidi™ Vapor encourages vape users to recycle with a one-of-a-kind recycling program. The Bidi™ Stick strives to offer a unique and premium experience, empowering the adult vape users to enjoy a sustainable and premium vaping experience.

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