WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


5 Qualities of a Premium Vape Pen

How medical-grade components, sustainability programs can differentiate disposables

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MELBOURNE, Fla.With public debate and regulations evolving around electronic nicotine-delivery systems (ENDS), retailers often struggle to identify products that their adult customers can connect with while offering quality manufacturing and consistent vaping experience.

The adult vaping community and smokers of legal age are looking for viable options within the tobacco category overall that are compatible with their lifestyles and their criteria for nicotine delivery. These five elements are essential to that demographic in creating a worthwhile yet consistent experience:

Superior Quality: Elements within the device itself should be of medical-grade quality, or else the inhalation experience will be inconsistent. Other parts, such as batteries, should have the power and reliability to meet the product’s stated expectations.

Design: Everything from the mouthpiece to the device itself should create a consistent experience with each puff, with the handling and design to match the adult customer’s lifestyle.

Formulation: The e-liquid formulation should offer adult users the inhalation satisfaction they require, especially for those looking for options beyond combustible products.

Age-restricted protocols: With much focus on restricting underaged access to vaping products, manufacturers must take significant steps to prohibit sales and marketing to minors. Whether online or at the store, strict processes should be in place to require government IDs and to verify that the customer is of legal age (21 years old).

Sustainability: The vaping industry, especially manufacturers of cartridges and disposable products, should consider sustainability and offer recycling options to their customers.

“Our company is dedicated to developing innovative and viable options for adults who use tobacco and vape products and want a premium experience,” says Niraj Patel, president, and CEO of Bidi Vapor, LLC, Melbourne, Fla.

Bidi Vapor, LLC, is an independent company that manufactures the BIDI® Stick, a premium, self-contained disposable ENDS product, equipped with a robust age-verification system and an environmentally friendly recycling program for its used vape devices. Based in Melbourne, Fla., Bidi Vapor’s mission is to ensure that adult smokers have options beyond traditional, combustible tobacco products.

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