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Ways to Give Back to Our Men and Women in Uniform

BIDI® Vapor Thanks Military, Veterans, and First Responders through Exclusive Offer
July 3, 2020
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July 6, 2020

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In the service to their country and countrymen, military personnel and first responders risk their lives on the battlefield. They are away from their families and are present in unsafe conditions. How do we
give back to them

The men and women in uniform continue to show us that we are worth fighting for.

While being in the military is about valor and strength, it is also about serious injuries, trauma, and friends lost. With the amount of stress they experience on the job, giving back to our men and women in the military is an important choice. Some rarely see their families anymore, some miss important family occasions. After an assignment, injuries can be devastating. 

Let’s all do our part to help ease their stressful occupations.

Give Back by Sending a Message of Thanks 

Did you know that you can send a simple message of thanks to those in service overseas? All you need to do is to log on to the following websites: America Supports You or Let’s Say Thanks. You can send it to as many troops in service as possible, without even knowing them personally. Just a random “Thank You” will surely make their day. 

Remind them that people back home still care.

Give Back by Buying Them Coffee

You may be wondering, how is that even possible? You can’t actually expect to serve the troops coffee from overseas, right? 

Well, a company called Green Beans Coffee actually does it for you. Their “Cup O’ Joe for a Joe” program allows you to buy cups of coffee for troops serving abroad, which they can easily redeem on their military bases overseas with free vouchers. 

We’re sure our troops would love this treat in a cup. 

Give Back by Donating to the Wounded

Our soldiers experience injuries, trauma, and a wide range of medical conditions during their assignments abroad. 

Organizations, such as The Wounded Warrior Project, an inspiring, large-scale initiative, aims to help injured and disabled combat veterans recover emotionally and physically while transitioning back to life at home.

Operation Second Chance is another organization you can donate to. They help as soldiers and Marines who are being treated for injuries. Moreover, after service members have been released, the organization helps in their transition to the next phase of their lives.

Give Back through Discounts 

There are many discounts from businesses across the nation offered to military personnel, first responders, and veterans. One of the businesses aiming to give back is BIDI® Vapor. We are offering up to 15% discount on all BIDI® Stick purchases for the men and women in uniform. 

BIDI® Vapor, with their product the BIDI® Stick, is a vape stick for adult vape users.

With eleven (11) flavors to choose from, the BIDI® Stick employs an improved and developed vape technology. It is a close-pod system with a 280 mAh high-quality, cellphone-grade battery. 

BIDI® Vapor, through its eco-conscious program BIDI® Cares, also provides a way for consumers to recycle their BIDI® Sticks and get major benefits from doing so! 

Introducing the BIDI® Military Discount Program

To take advantage of the Military Discount, shop for your new BIDI® Stick at www.bidivapor.com. When you’re at the Cart Page, click on either the Military or First Responder banner to request for the discount. Then log in to VerifyPass.com if you have an account via a pop-up window. But if you don’t have an account, you can create one using your service-issued identification card. And then, all you need to do is copy the generated coupon code and use it as you checkout. 

For more details and additional inquiries on the Military Discount, please visit our page.

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