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Top Signs You’re Buying a Fake BIDI® Stick

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May 18, 2020
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May 27, 2020

There are fake BIDI® Sticks in the market. These counterfeit BIDI® Sticks can stop working suddenly, produce dangerous chemicals, and can harm you. Here are the top signs you purchased a fake one and how to make sure you’re buying the authentic BIDI® Stick.

The global counterfeit market is booming. We usually relate knockoff goods with premium fashion brands. However, there seem to be cheap, fake versions of about every product, surprisingly, vapes included. As the worldwide interest in vaping grows, along with the demand for more luxurious and high-end vapes, so does the counterfeit market. When a vape is a knockoff, it can be harmful to you. Beware of counterfeit BIDI® Stick products in the market.

Identifying a counterfeit vape is not different from having a fake handbag or watch. Good knockoffs are a complete ripoff from the real one but feel and perform much differently. This is why many sellers can get away with selling them online without any issues.

If you think that you’ve accidentally bought a fake BIDI® Stick, do not use it. These products are wobbly, hazardous, and often unregulated, so it’s not worth the risk. Here’s how to tell you’ve bought a fake one.

  • The battery is whack

Professionals recommend inspecting the battery of your new device carefully. It does not only identify signs that it’s a clone but also ensure that the product is of premium quality. High-quality lithium-ion batteries are free of imperfections, while the low-quality versions will have visible bumps or marks. Cheap batteries don’t last, and they run the risk of exploding. Inspect every component of the vape and check the quality of the battery, coils, plastic, and other parts.

The real BIDI® Stick is manufactured with premium recyclable materials, offering adult consumers aged 21 and above to recycle their empty and used devices.

  • Branding/logo is slightly off

When identifying a counterfeit, the first thing you should do is to carefully inspect the branding. Bidi Vapor will soon integrate an anti-fake sticker and QR code in its packaging to validate genuine products. Any customer can confirm the authenticity of the purchased product through the Bidi Vapor website, to be launched soon this May 2020.

  •  It feels hot to touch

The BIDI® Stick does not heat up because it has a science to it. Those made with low, non-pharmaceutical grade materials result from heating up faster. They may even be so hot that you can’t comfortably handle it. While some counterfeit BIDI® Sticks don’t heat up at all, it can produce hazardous chemicals rather than vapor. 

  • The flavor is off

Low-quality materials are used in manufacturing the product, a less-than-adequate heating mechanism, and other factors, do not cut the grade when it comes to flavor. Try your first puff with an e-liquid you know well or have previously used a couple of times. It will allow you to compare flavor strength.

Unlike counterfeit vape pens, the original BIDI® Stick is a product of innovative engineering. The mechanism contains absorbent cotton to avoid condensation.

  • It’s defective

With prolonged use, you’ll see that knockoff vapes can create all kinds of concerns that you won’t find when you invest in the real thing. Fakes often leak, break, or produce cloudy colored liquid. In other words, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect clones to last long. Also, please keep in mind that reputable brands offer limited warranties or generous replacement policies if something goes awry. It is a sign that you’ve purchased the 100% original product.

  • It was bought from an unauthorized seller

There is only one authorized seller of BIDI® Stickswww.goPuff.com. Other sellers are unauthorized and unregulated, so beware.

What sets an authentic BIDI® Stick apart from counterfeit pens is its traceability and comprehensive quality assurance. BIDI® Stick ensures an extensive traceability process on all its products and is transparent about the manufacturing process. Bidi Vapor takes much pride in each item created.

The BIDI® Stick traces every component that arrives in their factory. Each BIDI® Stick undergoes quality checks and controls via a thorough standard inspection system. It then proceeds to the warehouse for product quality check assembly where each product is logged into the system’s database. The product continues to go through other processes, fulfilling a series of checkpoints using high-standard machines. The entire process not only assures its high quality and safety but also its authenticity. The process encodes the traceability attributes like the batch numbers, expiration dates, barcodes of all products.


The vital thing to note is that saving a few quid isn’t worth the dangers of puffing poor-quality, non-pharmaceutical grade BIDI® Stick. A knockoff designer handbag is frustrating, but unlike a vape stick, it doesn’t have complex electrical components inches from your face. Buying or using a cloned BIDI® Stick is not worth the risk, so make sure to purchase an authentic BIDI® Stick for the optimum BIDI® Stick experience.

Ensure that your BIDI® Stick follows all FDA packaging and labeling requirements and compliance. These include nicotine addiction warning statements in product labeling and packaging. Bidi Vapor is actively pursuing lawsuits and sending cease and desist notices to fake BIDI® Stick online sellers. Notify and report counterfeit BIDI® Stick products at support@bidivapor.com immediately.

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