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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nicotine Poisoning Due
to a Fake Bidi™ Stick

How to Know If You’re Buying a Counterfeit Bidi™ Stick
June 30, 2020
Bidi™ Vapor Thanks Military, Veterans, and First Responders through Exclusive Offer
July 3, 2020

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How to tell if you are suffering from nicotine poisoning? Discover the signs of nicotine poisoning and why you should avoid buying fake Bidi Sticks. Lower the risks and health hazards of nicotine ingestion by buying authentic Bidi Stick only!

Nicotine has numerous effects on the human body—some more harmful than others. From stimulation to the adverse impact, it is essential to note that nicotine is a highly addictive compound proven to have adverse effects on the body. 

In most extreme cases, it could even cause severe poisoning if ingested. It can be fatal, too. This is most common, especially with the popularity of vape pens and e-liquids that have a range of percentages of pure nicotine in them.

It is especially riskier if you are using unregulated vape pens that have been manufactured below market standards, or at least built without the consumer’s safety in mind. The proliferation of fake vape pens has given rise to more and more cases of nicotine poisoning.

Effects may range from very mild to very serious “emergency-room-type-situations,” depending on the amount and quality of the nicotine that has been ingested or absorbed by the body. A deadly dose would range from 50 to 60 milligrams for a 150-pound adult, says the Center for Disease and Control

It is also essential to note that nicotine poisoning does not only happen through smoking, vaping, or ingestion. The body can absorb nicotine in numerous ways. Nicotine liquid may spill on your skin, which is highly absorbent and can be harmed.

Absorption could also happen by touching tobacco leaves where nicotine is sourced.  People who work with tobacco leaves absorb large amounts of nicotine in their body from working day in and day out at these factories. The level of nicotine tolerance can build up in our bodies over time.  

Directly applying pure nicotine on bare human skin can immediately cause irritation and itchiness. If ingested, you will feel a burning sensation in your mouth and throat, which will then be followed by nausea, some pain in the abdomen, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Symptoms of Nicotine Poisoning

Most cases of nicotine poisoning occur because of overuse or using two or more tobacco products at the same time. Some people suffer poisoning from using uncertified, untested low-quality products. Whichever the case, here are some signs that you might be suffering from nicotine poisoning: 

  • Highly fatigued
  • Getting dizzy
  • High blood pressure
  • Arrhythmia
  • Appetite lost
  • Being gaseous
  • Anxiety
  • Hearing anomalies 
  • Vision abnormalities
  • Being nauseous
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration

Depending on the degree of nicotine poisoning, the symptoms can be felt as early as 15 minutes to four hours.

In any case, mild or severe, you must always seek medical attention. Nicotine primarily has more significant effects on your cardiovascular and nervous systems. Moreover, frequent or regular use will eventually lead to toxicity in your body, which in turn will lead to more severe illnesses. 

Bidi Vapor’s Efforts to Limit Accidental Nicotine Poisoning 

Most cases of nicotine poisoning children are involved. Based on a 2014 report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), children under the age of six years old make up the majority of nicotine poisoning cases. The effects of nicotine in a young person’s body can potentially be more potent compared to an adult.  

Bidi Vapor, the maker of the disposable vape pen—the Bidi Stick, has implemented stringent measures to ensure restrictions on access to the product, especially by underage persons. 

Age verification processes are employed by Bidi Vapor to restrict access to its website. Moreover, no online transaction can be made without proving your age first. Customers are asked to provide government-issued identification cards, which are verified before purchases can move forward. Product deliveries also require proof of age and identity to further ensure that the product does not fall into the hands of underage people. 

Retailers are also expected to uphold the Retailer Pledge, which underscores their shared responsibility in restricting minor’s access to tobacco-related products. Failure to comply with the pledge could mean cancellation of orders and losing the rights to distribute the Bidi Stick.

The Fight Against Fake Bidi Sticks and Nicotine Poisoning

Counterfeit Bidi Sticks pose the highest risk of nicotine poisoning due to substandard production practices of illegal manufacturers.  It is also easy for underage people to acquire fake Bidi Sticks through unauthorized retailers as they do not require any proof of age. 

To fight against fake Bidi Sticks, anti-counterfeit measures and authenticating measures are now included in the redesigned Bidi Stick packaging.

To further ensure the quality of your purchase, buy your Bidi Stick from authorized retailers only. Currently, there are only two authorized retailers online: www.bidivapor.com and www.goPuff.com.

You can also check www.bidivapor.com/authenticate-your-product to learn more about the fake Bidi Sticks in the market today. 

If you have fallen victim to fake Bidi Sticks or know of unauthorized retailers, Bidi Vapor encourages everyone to report it immediately. Send an email to support@bidivapor.com, or call 1-833-367-2434. Don’t forget to include photos of the fake Bidi Stick and the name of the store where you have purchased it. 

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