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How to Detect Fraudulent Sites Selling Fake BIDI® Sticks

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July 29, 2020
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July 31, 2020

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Do you know how to determine if an online retailer is authorized to sell the real BIDI® Stick?  When you buy from authorized retailers, you are assured that you are getting the authentic product.

When it comes to the BIDI® Stick, there are only two authorized online retailers:   www.bidivapor.com and www.goPuff.com. These two sellers offer support if you have any inquiries before and after purchase. 

They employ a strict age-verification system to deter the sale of vapor products to the youth. Before a transaction is completed, the person purchasing the product must provide valid and government-issued identification.

If you also look more closely, you can find customer feedback and reviews from these retailers all over the web. Testimonials from customers further add to the validity of authorized websites. You can also learn a lot from other people’s feedback and suggestions if you are interested in purchasing your own BIDI® Stick, taking into account things like shipping fees and coverage areas. 

An organized and responsive customer-care system on any retailer page or website is a sign that you are in good hands. Every consumer should do a little bit of research before blindly clicking the Buy button.  

How to Tell If a Website is Bogus

Let’s say you didn’t know there are only two authorized retailers of the BIDI® Stick, and you happen to stumble upon an unauthorized website. There are a few ways you can check if they are indeed selling authentic product: 

  • Check and compare the product price

Discounts on real vape pen products may be given from time to time. But illegal retailers often sell their fake products at a lower cost to help speed the sale of these illicit items. A price of less than $15.95 for a BIDI® Stick should put up red flags unless you are sure you are buying from an authorized retailer that is offering a discounted promotion. 

  • Read the product description carefully

Most retailer sites or pages have product descriptions next to their items. The lack of a description could be a sign that they are illegal retailers. If they do have information on the product, review other sources to cross-reference their descriptions. Typographical and grammatical errors could also be signs of fake websites. 

  • Lack of a responsive or unresponsive customer support

This can also be a sign of illegal retailers. Remember that if they are authorized retailers, they will be more than happy to help you out with any questions or inquiries. The revamped BIDI® Vapor website now includes a customer service “live chat” feature for a more convenient customer-shopping experience. 

Packaging: An Indicator of a Fake BIDI® Stick

While the packaging alone will give you red flags, there are more ways to identify a fake from an authentic one. You can check other indicators of a counterfeit BIDI® Stick through www.bidivapor.com/authenticate-your-bidi.

BIDI® Vapor advises consumers that there are fake BIDI® Sticks proliferating in the market. To ensure that you are getting an authentic product, BIDI® Vapor encourages everyone to buy only from authorized retailers. Tell your vaping friends about this, too.

If you have bought a fake one, don’t use it because a  potential for harm exists. Report counterfeiters immediately to put a stop in this growing threat online and in stores!

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