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How Limiting Orders Prevents Unauthorized Vape Use

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The government and other regulatory agencies are enforcing order quantity limits to retailers of vape products, and here’s why.


As a user of vape products, you may have encountered limits on how many cartridges or disposable e-cigarettes you can buy at any one time. While you may assume it’s a subtle way of suggesting that you practice moderation with vaping, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also concerned about minors getting a hold of these devices. 

Yes, the FDA wants to ensure that users who choose to consume nicotine-filled e-cigarettes and vape pens do so moderately, but its most recent guidelines on sales limits also come in the wake of the upsurge in underage use of tobacco products. The idea is that unscrupulous, of-age individuals may buy the devices or cartridges in bulk with the intention of selling to anyone, regardless of age.

Generally, the  FDA has mandated that manufacturers and retailers come up with ways to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and vape pens to individuals below 21. Among these precautions is specific mention of bulk sales.

With the goal of keeping vaping devices out of the hands of minors, BIDI® Vapor strives to adhere to these regulations. 

BIDI® Vapor’s Efforts on Youth Access Prevention 

More than following regulations, BIDI® Vapor has always taken a stance against underage access to tobacco products, voluntarily instituting measures designed to prohibit access to underage individuals. BIDI® Vapor has always believed that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the product reaches its intended market–adult smokers.

To achieve those goals, BIDI® Vapor instituted age verification processes and measures in its online platform. The process is rigorous, with customers going through several checks before being able to purchase a BIDI® Stick.

The company has also partnered with AgeChecker.net, which utilizes intelligent-matching technology to verify customer identity and helps BIDI® Vapor comply with the latest government regulatory requirements, state laws, and merchant account policies.

Even during deliveries of BIDI® Vapor, clients must present a government-issued identification card to verify their claims of legal age and to ensure further that the product does not fall into underage hands.

BIDI® Vapor Sets Limit Order for Online Sales

And yes, as yet another way to prevent underage access to BIDI® Stick, BIDI® Vapor has asked partner retailers and distributors to sell a maximum of 30 pieces of BIDI® Sticks a month to any single customer. The company also set a limit of a maximum of four BIDI® Sticks per transaction per customer account, inclusive of coupons, returns, and exchanges.   

So if you buy four BIDI® Stick, that’s the maximum quantity allowed for one receipt. If you want to purchase more than four on that particular shop visit, then the store has to put the fifth or sixth one on a different receipt.  

BIDI® Vapor requires its wholesale and direct retail partners to adhere to these product-sales limits in its Retailer Pledge. Failure to comply with the pledge could mean cancellation of orders and revocation of rights to distribute the BIDI® Stick. 

A Clear Stand: No to Underage Vaping!

BIDI® Vapor takes the challenge of underage e-cigarette use seriously and is doing everything it can to combat the problem. To learn more about our efforts, visit the BIDI® Vapor website today.

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