WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

BIDI® Youth Access
Prevention Program


Our BIDI® Stick is exclusively for adult vape users and smokers. It is in no way intended for the use of adolescents and individuals under the age of 21.

Bidi Vapor stays updated and aware of the established prevention campaigns against youth access of vape products, and stands firmly by its advocacy. We are deeply committed to uphold and adhere to these regulations from state laws of California and prevent minors from having access to the BIDI® Stick.

Responsible Product Marketing

Bidi Vapor Shows How It Should Be Done

Bidi Vapor has taken all the necessary steps to combat against rampant underage use of vapor products with its BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Program. Aside from the tamper-resistant packaging and businesslike design, we have implemented security measures to curb underage vapers from accessing our BIDI® Sticks. From age-gated access to our website, to obligating retailers to share in the responsibility of restricting youth access, we stand by and advocate for the message that no underage clients shall be able to access vape products.

Bidi Vapor and its product the BIDI® Stick consistently conducts responsible and conscious marketing techniques that do not specifically target and/or engage young adolescents on any advertisements and labelling process of the product.

BIDI® Stick conscientiously complies with all FDA labelling and packaging regulations that includes addictiveness warning statements of nicotine effectively located in a visible section on all aspects of labelling, packaging, and marketing advertisements.

Parental Guidance and Education

At Bidi Vapor, we pride ourselves in our consistent and strong efforts to prevent possession and access of electronic cigarettes to minors. To aid our efforts, we strongly encourage close parental guidance and effective education to the underaged population. We believe this is vital to prevent the use of e-cigarettes of minors.

As a parent, it is imperative to determine the signs of whether your child may be using electronic cigarettes or not. Moreover, to effectively educate your children, it’s crucial you are educated as well in regards to the different varieties of electronic cigarettes and the e-liquids contained within it. Ensure you make time to talk to your child on the adverse effects and consequences that come with the usage of nicotine. This is an opportunity for you to impart awareness to your children, first hand, on the potential dangers of nicotine use.

For those kids who might still be tempted to shop nicotine products, we would encourage you to store your ATM cards, credit cards, and identification cards safely to lessen possible access for your kids.

Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. You may contact us at support@bidivapor.com.

Age Verification Efforts


  • An age gate pop-up box appears on the site to prevent underage access.
  • Bidi Vapor does not post images that can attract young individuals and ensures campaigns are targeted an adult audience.
  • Bidi Vapor regularly go through their online content to ensure it remains unappealing to the youth.

In Stores

  • Bidi Vapor created a Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement that contains the terms on purchasing and reselling the BIDI® Stick for all Bidi Vapor direct retailer partners.
  • Based on the terms, direct retailers must uphold the age verification process in their stores and commit to checking the customer’s identification before any transaction.
  • Direct retailers can also put the transaction on hold when in doubt or until the customer’s age is verified.
  • Mystery Shoppers will be sent to direct retailer shops to check on their compliance. Failure to comply will lead to the cancellation of orders and distribution rights.
  • Customers are only allowed to purchase 30 BIDI® Sticks per month, and four (4) BIDI® Sticks per day per customer account.
Return Claim/Complaint for Customers
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