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BIDI® Vapor Thanks Military, Veterans, and First Responders through Exclusive Offer

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June 30, 2020
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MILITARY DISCOUNT stamp seal imprint with grunge texture. Designed with rounded rectangles and circles. Blue vector rubber print of MILITARY DISCOUNT text with grunge texture.

BIDI® Vapor honors the brave and selfless service of U.S. military personnel, first responders, and veterans with a special offer of 15% discount on the BIDI® Sticks.

Serving the nation and striving for peace around the globe, the U.S. military is fighting one battle or another all the time.  

BIDI® Vapor believes that it owes the military personnel, veterans, and first responders who have been serving us. For risking their lives to defend our life and liberty, the brand deems it an ethical responsibility to aid them even in this little act. The brand extends an exclusive discount of 15%  to all military personnel, veterans, and first responders on all its products.  

BIDI® Vapor, the maker of the innovative and eco-conscious BIDI® Stick, is committed to honoring these public servants for their selfless service to the nation. The 15% discount on all our products is a small gift to our brave men and women in uniform.

Below are guidelines on how to be eligible for the discount on your next BIDI® Stick purchase:

 Eligibility requirements for a Military Discount:

  • An active U.S. military service personnel providing a valid military ID
  • A qualified U.S. military veteran providing either a Department of Defense Form DD214 stating an honorable discharge or a valid retired Military ID or current AMVETS membership card

Eligibility requirements for a First Responder Discount:

  • Qualified active employees or volunteers of eligible state, local or private Primary First Responder agencies/entities such as Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management Agencies, and PSAP
  • A qualified first responder should have proof of eligibility by either his/her employee or volunteer badge, 1099 tax form from the previous year, or notarized affidavit issued from the first responder agency 

Any military personnel, veterans, and first responders can take advantage of the exclusive discount in five (5) simple steps: 

  1. Go to www.bidivapor.com and shop for your favorite BIDI® Stick
  2. Head on to the Cart page and click on the banner that matches your status, whether the Military Discount (which includes Veterans), or the First Responder Discount banner.
  3. Sign in to your VerifyPass account on the pop-up, which will appear when you request for a discount. Go to www.verifypass.com to register if you do not have an account yet.
  4. Copy the generated code.
  5. Paste the coupon code upon checkout to enjoy the 15% discount.

Stay in the know about the latest deals, discounts, and offers for military personnel, veterans, and first responders. For more information, go to www.bidivapor.com, or check out our Military Discount FAQ page.

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