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BIDI® Vapor Augments Age Verification Through BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Program

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Much of the talked about access to vapor products hinges on the question of age verification for online purchases. While the sale of vapor products to minors is banned in several states and countries, significant problems are expected to arise as there are unregulated online channels that attempt to inundate the vaping market.

BIDI® Vapor is all about the safe and responsible use of its products. It is clear that all of its products – and all tobacco and nicotine products – are for adult consumers. The keys to restricting underage access to these products are to ensure effective age-verification and address social sourcing. Hence, BIDI® Vapor has promptly taken a series of escalating steps to curb underage access to the BIDI® Stick. 

The company has strongly advocated for increased age restrictions for tobacco products as a primary step. Besides supporting, BIDI® Vapor has taken several additional steps to restrict access at retail stores, online, and illegal third-party sellers. It has also partnered with a cutting edge technology company to ensure that all its customers are of legal age to purchase them. Undoubtedly, BIDI® Vapor leads the industry in aggressively educating and prohibiting underage vape product sales.

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Intensified Access Controls Online

Collectively, BIDI® Vapor has come up with the BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Program, which consists of a comprehensive approach to restricting underage access to the BIDI® Stick by utilizing robust age-verification restrictions. 

Below are the efforts and initiatives adopted by  BIDI® Vapor to ensure that the consumers are 21 years of age or older and to guarantee a limited purchase:

Personal information – When customers first visit BIDI® Vapor’s e-commerce site, they are asked to enter their birthdate for age-verification before accessing the site.

Comprehensive verification – BIDI® Vapor ensures a strict verification process before any sale or transaction. The brand employs a state-of-the-art third-party company called AgeChecker.net to ensure that no underage user can purchase a BIDI® Stick without verifying their legal age across multiple databases and background checks. This is extremely important in ensuring that only adults are granted access to the sale of BIDI® Sticks, not underage buyers.

Additional verification – If the company cannot verify the new users’ age and identity, the system will then ask the new users to upload a photo of the front and back of their government-issued ID for visual verification through software and trained personnel. AgeChecker.net also requests that new users upload a photo of their face to match with the picture on their ID. On top of verifying the image, the system checks for common lapses in fake IDs.

Other system security measures – After completing account verification, each customer’s name and date of birth are locked, and that person is unable to create additional accounts. Additionally, the user’s name and shipping address must match the name and billing address used to make the purchase.

Online quantity purchase limits – BIDI® Vapor limits users to 30-stick in a rolling month and four BIDI® Sticks per transaction per day inclusive of coupon code redemptions, return, and exchange per account. 

Amplified Access Controls at Retail

To combat underage use of BIDI® products, the company is working with retailers across the U.S. to implement the BIDI® Youth Access Prevention Program. The program has been developed as a standards-based program for retailers and other industry stakeholders to ensure its retailer partners comply with its age-verification and underage sales restriction policy.

On the retail level, BIDI® Vapor has also adopted measures to restrict underage access to the BIDI® Stick in physical stores. These are:

Retailer Pledge – This is an undertaking between BIDI® Vapor and authorized retailers of the BIDI® Stick. The Pledge serves as a commitment of the retailer not to sell the BIDI® Stick to underage individuals and comply with other policies of BIDI® Vapor. Violations of the Pledge will mean the cancellation of the retailer’s right to re-sell and distribute the BIDI® Stick.  

Mystery Shopping Program – On top of the Retailer’s Pledge, BIDI® Vapor conducts compliance checks to assess retailer compliance with federal age-verification requirements and its internal policy. The company seriously takes appropriate actions against retailers that fail compliance checks under this program, including up to a potential product sales ban.

Responsible Marketing – The target audience for BIDI® Vapor marketing is current adult smokers only. It tailors its promotional communications and materials to adult smokers through narrow marketing channels to limit the potential for unintended exposure among underaged individuals and those who are not currently smoking or vaping.


With these measures, BIDI® Vapor commits itself to raise the standards of restricting its product to underage individuals. 

The consumer base of vaping is the world’s billion adult smokers. But with unacceptably high underage vape users in the US, BIDI® Vapor is committed to combating this problem as it stands firm against underage use of vapor products and practices responsible marketing.

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