WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
3-Level Authentication for your BIDI® Stick

At Bidi Vapor, we have boosted our anti-counterfeit efforts to ensure your security from fake BIDI® Sticks. To combat the rising numbers of fake products, we have created an authentication system and redesigned our packaging to help you check your product. For your convenience, we have created three different steps for you to verify if your product is authentic.

Welcome to the BIDI Authenticator​

Thank you for choosing BIDI® Stick!

After performing the water and pen smear tests, key in the unique number code to authenticate your BIDI® Stick.

Check Authenticity

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1. Locate the anti-fake sticker

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2. Perform Water Test

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3. Perform Smear Test

4. QR Code verification

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5. Check pop-up message for authenticity

How to Authenticate Your BIDI® Stick​

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STEP 1 :

Locating the sticker on your BIDI® Stick

The anti-fake sticker is located on the front of the packaging. If you can not find the sticker, you might have a counterfeit. Kindly contact us immediately on support@bidivapor.com.

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STEP 2 :

Water Test on the Authentication Sticker
Follow these simple steps for the water test:
  1. Pour a small amount of water on the blue area of the sticker
  2. Wipe off the water after a few seconds and watch how the Bidi Vapor logo disappears
  3. Once it dries up, the logo should re-appear on the sticker
If the logo does not disappear upon contact with water or does not show up after the sticker dries up, the product is fake. Please report it immediately.
STEP 3 :

Pen Smear Test on the Authentication Sticker

Follow these simple steps for the smear test:

  1. Smear the anti-fake sticker with a pen
  2. Wipe the sticker to smudge the pen’s ink
  3. Check if the color of the logo is now the same with the ink

If the smear test fails, the product is fake. Please report it immediately.

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STEP 4 :

Unique Code Authenticator
Follow these simple steps for QR code authentication:
  1. Peel the sticker to see the QR code
  2. Scan the QR code to get the unique number authentication code
  3. Input your unique number in the authentication box below
  4. Click the AUTHENTICATE button
  5. Wait for a pop-up message and follow the steps to confirm your BIDI® Stick authentication
Bidi vapor - msg
STEP 5 :

Check pop-up message for authenticity
After following all 4 steps, simply await the pop-up window to appear. Here you will be able to read whether or not you have an authentic BIDI® Stick or not.  If the message shows it’s a counterfeit, please report it to us immediately so we can help prevent dangerous products on the market. Send an email to support@bidivapor.com. Please include product photos and the name of the store where you bought it.
NOTE: Last December 1, 2020, the wordmark “BIDI” has been federally registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Kindly note, the registered trademark symbol might not reflect on the product you receive. Do not worry, these are still authentic.
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Oh no! Fake BIDI® Sticks are in the market. 
Don’t get catfished by unauthorized sellers.

Be careful. These fake products are not what they seem. Unauthorized sellers are putting your safety at risk with potentially toxic chemicals and low-quality components posing burn and even explosion dangers!

Although packaging can be deceiving, counterfeit items do not exactly look like our authentic products. Look for the authentication sticker on the front with a QR code to check authenticity.

Buy an original BIDI® Stick to get the premium experience.

Always Buy the Original.

Premium BIDI® Sticks are built with high-quality materials. Each vape pen is manufactured with care by strictly following standardized procedures.

Product safety, satisfaction, and loyalty are essential to us. These values motivate us to go over and beyond when it comes to our product.

Counterfeit Bidi Vapor products are made with substandard materials, putting consumer safety at risk. And we want to protect all BIDI® Stick users from the risks posed by these counterfeit products at all costs.

Risks of Buying Imitation BIDI® Sticks from Unauthorized Direct Retailers

Illegal manufacturers are now exploiting the vaping industry with fake BIDI® Sticks, posing dangers to consumers. Bidi Vapor warns the public to be on the lookout for counterfeit BIDI® Sticks sold by unauthorized direct retailers. The brand also encourages its customers to report any fraudulent Bidi Vapor products. The company is prepared to take legal against counterfeiters.

For your safety, buy from authorized direct retailers only!

To get the authentic product, purchase your BIDI® Stick from authorized direct retailers only. You may check our Store Locator for authorized in-store direct retailers, or visit the only online authorized reseller GoPuff

Purchasing your BIDI® Stick from authorized resellers ensures you that you are getting the real product. It also helps safeguard against minors’ procurement of the BIDI® Stick, as all Bidi Vapor resellers are required to sign a Wholesaler & Direct Retailer Agreement. These measures are in strict compliance and support regulations that restrict minor’s access to vapor products.

Have you experienced a counterfeit
BIDI® Stick? Let us know!

Send an email to support@bidivapor.com. Please include product photos and the name of the store where you bought it.

If you have other questions about the authenticity of BIDI® Sticks, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you.