Youth access to products with nicotine has long been a challenge of the government. Nicotine, an addictive substance, adversely affects parts of a teenager’s brain that is still developing. This includes the part that governs learning, attention, mood, and impulse control. Minors should not use any tobacco or nicotine products.

Bidi Vapor understands the potential risks of the substance on teenagers and has taken serious measures to prevent youth access to its products, including the BIDI® Stick.

Why Bidi Vapor Switched to a New Name

The renaming of the flavor names of the BIDI® Stick, along with other stringent measures, is a new step taken by Bidi Vapor to fulfill its commitment to prevent underage youth from getting hold of the disposable vape pen.

Based on FDA’s Enforcement Priorities Guidance for ENDS, Bidi Vapor took the initiative of adopting one-word, non-characterizing terms to identify the BIDI® Stick products (e.g., Tropic, Marigold, Solar, Winter, Dawn, Classic, Gold, Zest, Regal, Summer and Arctic). Bidi Vapor’s intent was that these non-descriptive terms would further avoid resembling kid-friendly foods, drinks and other non-ENDS products that are often marketed and/or appealing to youth. At Bidi Vapor, our focus has always been and will always be adults 21 and over.

What Are BIDI® Stick’s New Flavor Names?

The BIDI® Stick flavors may have new names; however, it delivers the same premium experience enjoyed by adult BIDI® users. Here are the new names of  the 11 flavors  of the BIDI® Stick:

Important Note:

When visiting your preferred authorized BIDI® Stick reseller, you may notice the old packaging and flavor names. Do not worry — BIDI® Sticks with old packaging are still authentic and will be sold until supplies last. For any concerns about authenticity, you can read more here and learn how to authenticate your BIDI® Stick.

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