A Guide on What To Do With Old Disposable Vapes

Learn why you need to know what to do with old disposable vapes.


It is no doubt that disposable vapes are on the rise. It is mostly in demand among cigarette smokers who wants to quit. While it has helped many smokers quit, it has raised an environmental concern.

Electronic cigarettes, when fully consumed, become e-waste. The type of waste that is the hardest to dispose of properly. Most people would wonder what to do with old disposable vapes, mainly when empty.

Can you recycle disposable vapes? Where to recycle disposable vapes? If these questions occurred to you, then this is the right place to expand your knowledge on what to do with old disposable vapes.

State of Global E-Waste Problem

According to statistics, there will be 57.4 million metric tons of global e-waste in 2021. Based on Global E-Waste Monitor, a 30% increase is estimated by 2023. The current data clearly shows e-waste production is increasing. 

The world is becoming dependent on electronics because it offers convenience. But, it became a problem when the world produced more than we needed. E-waste grew larger as fast as innovation.


Importance of Proper E-Waste Recycling

When you follow the proper ways to recycle, it helps the environment. When it comes to recycling e-waste, it is pretty much the same. It helps address the current e-waste problem.

Vape products are non-biodegradable because it contains plastic and chemicals. These materials can take years to disintegrate. That’s why, as much as possible, we need to recycle vape devices.


Recyclable Vape Devices

There are different types of vape devices available out there. To identify which ones are recyclable is for you to learn. Recyclable vapes will often indicate their recyclability. 

Some vape devices can be recyclable because you could reuse them. Others, on the other hand, are recyclable but not reusable. A device’s recyclable components will vary depending on the brand.

Although vape components differ, they have one common element. All vape devices contain lithium-ion batteries. It is a recyclable battery often used to power cellphones.


Why you should recycle disposable vapes

Disposable vapes contain hazardous chemicals. That is why getting rid of empty and used vapes can be tricky. But, following the proper ways to get rid of it has good effects.


Avoid Health Problems

Electronics contain numerous harmful chemicals. When exposed to it, it can cause serious health problems. That is why it’s essential to follow proper segregation practices.

Practicing proper disposal and recycling of e-waste helps prevent possible health problems.


Prevent Environmental Issues

E-waste chemicals can contaminate our resources. Without proper disposal, it can affect everything, from the food we eat to the water we drink. Recycling prevents harm to the environment.

Source of Raw Materials

According to United Nations University, e-waste recycling recovers 10-15% of gold elements. Other than gold, there are valuable parts that are great for manufacturing. E-recycling is an excellent source of raw materials.


Lower E-Waste Production

The most apparent one on this list is lowering e-waste. Recycling lessens the number of thrown waste. Manufacturers will often find valuable parts of e-waste and use them to develop new products.

Recovering components to reuse for new materials lowers e-waste. With this, it helps the environment a favor.


When should you dispose of disposable vape?

When no more nicotine solution is left, the disposable pen is ready for disposal. Knowing when to get rid of your vape can avoid toxic contamination. Other than that, it helps lessen global e-waste problems.

But, what to do with old disposable vapes? First, you have to segregate. Remove the cartridge, filler materials, and atomizer. Learn how to dispose of disposable vapes according to your local e-waste guideline.

Failing to follow these guidelines can put the household in danger of its toxic components.

Practicing Proper Vape Disposal

To ensure proper disposal, you must be careful. Please turn off the device before throwing it at your local landfills. Failing to follow these guidelines can contaminate your home with toxic chemicals.

Mixing e-waste with other waste products can destroy landfill areas. Be careful of throwing your empty devices. Otherwise, you may accidentally poison yourself with liquid nicotine.

It is vital to handle empty vape products properly. Liquid nicotine, whether it reaches your mouth or not, can absorb through your skin. Either way, it can poison you.

Make sure to find a designated bin for e-waste. Learn how to recycle disposable vapes.

You can check in with your state and local disposal regulations. There are appropriate agencies that take care of electronic waste. 

What You Can Do To Recycle Used Vape Devices

What to do with old disposable vapes? Recycle them. Help reduce electronic waste and practice proper e-waste disposal. 

Bidi Vapor created the BIDI® Stick, a disposable vape pen. A high-quality vape device for adult users who deserve a premium vaping experience. It contains a recyclable and UL-Certified lithium-ion battery.


high-quality vape device


Bidi Vapor encourages consumers to recycle their used devices properly. Here’s how you can recycle your used BIDI® Stick:

Step 1: Fill up the BIDI Recycling form to get a return label.

Step 2: Print out the return label and use it to mail your BIDI® Sticks. Your devices will be ready for authenticity check at our recycling facility.

Step 3: After verification, you will receive an email confirmation.

To learn more about what you can do with your used BIDI® Sticks, visit our page at https://bidivapor.com/bidi-recycle/. 

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