WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

4 Ways to Go Green with Your Vaping and Vape Pens

Bidi Vapor Stands Against Selling of Vape Products to Minors
May 18, 2020
From purchasing eco-friendly vape pens to finding ways to recycle the battery, there are many ways to be an eco-warrior vapor.

The positive environmental impact of vaping should not end at buying a sustainable vape device. You can also do other things to be more kind to the planet. Here are some ways to go eco-friendly with your vaping:

1. Batteries

Batteries pose imminent dangers to our world, so it’s of utmost importance that you dispose of them properly. Contact your local waste-site for guidance on your local guidelines. If you choose the BIDI® Stick, we ensured the battery is high-quality enough to be recyclable. You can recycle your used BIDI® Stick through our BIDI® Cares recycling campaign.

2. E-liquid

If you find that an e-liquid flavor is not to your liking, share it with your adult friends or family members who also vape. If regifting is not an option, do not pour the e-liquid in the sink as it contains nicotine.

Pour the liquid into an absorbent material, such as sawdust or wood chippings, before placing it in a biodegradable pack and tossing it into a protected bin. Take extra precautions to ensure that it doesn’t leak and be detrimental to the environment or wild animals when placed in bio-waste facilities. Moreover, be careful not to spill the e-liquid to any surface that may be accessed by pets and kids at home. 

3. Reuse

Find out if your vape pen manufacturer has a recycling program. If there is none, it’s best to recycle all your empty e-liquid jugs through an assigned recycling facility. It’s crucial you do not throw away your vaping device as residual nicotine and batteries are harmful to our planet if they end up in landfills. 

4. Power Save

If your vaping device has an on/off function, make sure to switch it off when not in use or in-between drags to spare the charge and lengthen the battery’s lifespan. If you use a disposable device, you might consider acquiring one with an automatic function to avoid having to remember to turn it off.

The Rise of the BIDI® Stick

Bidi Vapor changes the game of the vaping industry through its innovative and eco-conscious product, the BIDI® Stick. It boasts a SaltNic e-liquid with 6% nicotine concentration inside a powerful device that can last until all the e-liquid is used up.

Disposable vaping devices can potentially harm the environment with electrical components and residual nicotine leaking into our earth when improperly disposed of. BIDI® Stick has worked diligently to ensure that only premium, recyclable components go into the device. To further the environmental efforts, Bidi Vapor has an eco-platform to promote the recycling of the product to protect the planet. To help encourage recycling, you receive a free BIDI® Stick upon your next purchase when you return 10 used BIDI® Sticks! This is our token of appreciation for your sustainable choice. Bidi Vapor leads the way with this forward-thinking recycling initiative.

Vaping can even be more environmental-friendly. By choosing the BIDI® Stick, you are choosing a sustainable experience.

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